Movement as Medium
Library of Movement (a selection of ongoing visual experiments)

The concept of the body is not a new phenomenon, but how we choose to use it, specifically in the context of graphic design, is a captivating opportunity. This research explores the following questions: What is the visual potential of movement? How can the moving body be used as a tool in graphic design? In examining the potential of movement as a process tool, I hope to re-invigorate the relationships between a creative work and its viewer, while simultaneously inspiring fellow designers to explore their moving bodies as tools in the design process.

Using my own body, my visual experiments draw upon work by Marcel Duchamp and Étienne-Jules Marey, to the Futurist and Dadaist movements, to contemporary designers and researchers such as ︎The Rodina and ︎Zach Lieberman as critical references for my attempts to create a comprehensive library of graphic movement translations. I defined categories of movement within these experiments and discovered important insights regarding the distinction between showing the body, representing the body and using the body as a tool. To read my written thesis or learn more about my project, please ︎email me. You can also read my abstract ︎here.

Mentors: Dr. Invar Torre-Hollaus, Mischa Leiner, Ted Davis
The Basel School of Design, 2019