Movement as Medium
Performative Interactive Installation

As technologies develop and become ever more invasive to our lives and design processes – as certain mediums and tools become irrelevant because of these developments, our bodies are tools that we always have, and I believe will remain relevant. The body is an integral element to any performance; thus, exploring the visual potential of the moving body stems from my initial curiosity into the existing and plausible overlaps between performance and graphic design.

As a final output of my Master Thesis, Using Processing + X-Box Kinect, I created an interactive installation which gives users a live environment to use their own bodies as tools. The project explores the concept of the digital gesture, fluidity of the relationship between designer and performer, as well as our own physical relationships to screens.

Mentors: Dr. Invar Torre-Hollaus, Mischa Leiner, Ted Davis
Master Thesis Diploma Exhibition
The Basel School of Design, 2019

︎selected outputs/digital drawings from the exhibition